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Senior Style Closet

Every client is given access to my Senior Style Closet. The purpose of this closet is to give seniors more variety in their wardrobe to create their personalized senior photo shoot.  Let's face it, most every teens closet looks about the same. Sweats, jeans, t-shirts and shorts. I want to give my clients the opportunity to wear some fun pieces of clothes that they probably don't already own without needing to take the time and money to shop for something that they may only wear once.  The cool thing about the closet is that you can dress head to toe from it, incorporate pieces with your own look or if you don't see anything you like, that is ok too!
I am  so excited to share that I have added couture dresses to the selections! (Couture dresses are available only with certain photo packages).
Guys, I'm getting there, I promise! I have a limited of male clothing pieces, but I am adding more all the time.    


Some photos that are styled from The Senior Style Closet

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