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Here goes nothing....

Literally, this may end up being nothing. Or maybe something really cool? I won't know unless I put myself out there, so here I am! Hi! My goal is to create a space where I can share information that relates to senior photography.

I would like to give a behind-the-scenes look at senior photography and show what the hype is all about, profile our incredible seniors and share some tips, tricks and other things that I feel like blubbering on about.

Just to set the proper expectations... I am what they call a "shiny things" kinda gal, self diagnosed ADD, which will match my writing style. If you know me personally, you are shaking your head in agreement about now. Don't expect perfect grammar, (sorry Mrs. Holman- my 8th grade English teacher, who may possibly read this) I do know better. I write how I speak - I apologize in advance. If you happen to read a blog with no grammatical mistakes it's because my hubby proofread it, he is a wizard! So, now that we have expectations set and if you are still reading, thank you & welcome!

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